Sunday, 20 April 2014

Martial Arts - karate in India

It is said that the ultimate goal of “Karate” is laying into conquering the perfection of the character rather than to gain victory or to defeat. Karate is not meant for aggression, but it is a defensive martial art. Karate is all about the discipline. Somehow the origin of Karate is related to India. History shows that the root of this martial art is embedded to India. During the early 5th century BC Bodhidharma arrived in Shaolin-si, China from India and taught Zen Buddhism. It is believed that the Indian Buddhist monks had found Zen Buddhist monks sickly, malnourished and un-fit which meant they had a poor quality of life with a short lifespan. The Bodhidharma might have some knowledge on Indian martial arts and so, the history of karate may go back to South India. 

The South Indian warriors were specialized in armed battle as well as unarmed combat. The rulers from the dynasties like Pallava, Cheras and Cholas were depending on those warriors to rule. The warriors were the father of some Indian martial arts like –Silambam, Varma Kalai etc. It is legend that a prince belonging to the Kshatriya(Warrior) caste from Southern Indian kingdom of Pallava, became a Buddhist monk, and took the given the name Bodhidharma. He was told to spread Zen Buddhism in China. Bodhidhrma gathered the Shaolin monks and began to teach the martial arts that he knew to improve mind through meditation. He also taught the fighting skills for improving physical condition. The Shaolin monks further spread the martial arts to other parts of China.  In China the fighting art evolved into Chinese fighting arts.

Karate Jaipur

Karate Training

Now in India several internationally recognized Karate Do institutes and organizations are there to exercise this ancient martial art. The International Karate Federation India, affiliated with the International Karate Federation was introduced in India in 2005 by Sensei Yogender Chauhan. The supreme body of Karate in India is All India Karate Do Federation that is registered under the Societies Act 1860 and this is the only karate organization which is recognized by Government of India and Indian Olympic Association as well as Asian Karate Federation and World Karate Federation. This federation organizes various seminars, national level tournaments and provides training camps to control and propagate this martial art from the grassroots. 

It is claimed that the Karate Association of India is the only National Federation for Karate Sports in India duly recognized by the World Karate Federation with having 34 State/Province Members all over India along with Army, Police and different Para Military Forces. In order to upspring the young generation in our nation Karate do should be introduced in every level

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Living Healthy

To be at your best you must require optimal health and for attaining that you must balance right nutritious food and supplements, exercise, rest and healthy habits in your daily routine. Our life style has changed drastically from last few decades. We are getting more and more depending on technology and its use. In our daily routine to make our life more comfortable we are neglecting even these basic requirements.

We all are aware of the four main pillars for attaining good health are regular exercise, balanced diet or nutritious food, adequate rest and positive thinking. But still in our daily routine we do not follow these and lacking in them causes serious issues. These are causing serious issues like depression, lack of concentration, depletion in performance, behavior disorders and many more serious problems.

Sports persons are great examples for us because to achieve the best in sports they have to perform and for that they have to take care of themselves in all departs weather its diet, exercise, rest or mental blockings. Being a famous martial artists, football players, tennis stars, and cricket professionals takes a lot out of them and their lives. We all make them our favorites and like them but we don’t understand what they have to go through to achieve all these and retain for all those years. Legends and Inspirations like Bruce lee, Mohammad Ali, Pale and countless are still liked by us and many of us even try to imitate their styles but we do not follow not even one percent of what they have to follow to attain optimal health.

Human’s body requirements are very basic but still we are lacking to complete those. We are the one who should be blamed for whatever is happening to us not our daily routine because we are the one who choose and make our routine as our choice. People can easily incorporate all these essentials in his life as they are the daily routines which are forgotten and can be easily managed. One can exercise in early morning or even in the evening hours for just half an hour which is quite sufficient. If he doesn’t know about doing exercise then he may join some club or gym or even sports like kick boxing, krav maga, karate and swimming. For getting complete nutrition we just have to change our food habits. Eating food at proper time is very much important rather than eating in bulk quantity.

One must take complete and sufficient sleep of at least six hours for our body to relax and restore the energy. Positive thinking is very important to implement your routine and change your daily life. The effectiveness of all your doings and performance improves when you attempt with a positive attitude whatever the conditions and situations are.  

It always better to initiate a wait for a change or let the time go. Learning with your mistakes is a very important thing but always depending to learn from a mistake is not a sign of smartness. So one must understand and learn about his life and the life related to him because life is only once and one should live to its fullest.

Sunday, 23 March 2014


Most of us are aware of the fact that it is very important to eat fruits and vegetables which gives you protein and carbohydrate. But is it really sufficient to eat those. Maximum numbers of people in the world does not consume enough amounts of vitamins and other nutrients from their diet alone. Inadequate intake of vitamins has been linked to the chronic disease, coronary heart disease and cancer. Martial artist like karate trainee must be very prepared to maintain their perfect diet schedule.

The modern lifestyle makes it enough tough for us to take complete nutrition’s. We are always in a rush for our daily life and miss our proteins, vitamins, minerals that are optimal for our health. Food supplements are the quickest and easiest way to fulfill our nutrition gap. So, we could invest our time completely in our daily activities. 

Just look around and you can find that the people are undernourished and overfed. Increasing weight has become a very common problem and can be seen even in children’s also. It is feel that we are consuming fabricated food these days which are high in calorie and very low in nutritional values. These small deficiencies may lead further to huge disorders and illness problems such as nervousness, restlessness, general aches, pains, weakness, muscle fatigue and depression.

There are many reasons which indicate that the food materials are deficient in Nutritional values. Some of them are:

Soil Depletion – Application of fertilizers, synthetic ingredients for increasing growth causes damage to the food crops. Millions of food material is degenerated due to their uses if not consumed fresh or in a fixed time period.

Commercial Food processing – The food which we today are processed in different ways unnaturally. They are exposed to various conditions like heat, light, oxygen and many for processing may lead to permanent damage to their natural ingredients and quality.

Environmental Pollution - It has been estimated that more than six million pounds of chemicals has been dumped by humans every year. They have been adding up the degenerative diseases. Breathing air, drinking water and even our food has been badly affected by this.

One should be very careful for his diet and make Shure he is getting complete values from them if not then one should consult a dietician. Martial Artists have always been taught about food nutrition, supplements and medicines from ancient times.